Before I knew if I could go to the Marc show, I decided I should try to go to at least ONE fashion show, since I thought this would be my last opportunity being in the city during fashion week. I started e-mailing designers asking if they needed any extra volunteers and did not receive any replies...

I frequently check the postings on the fashion.net site (for wonderful internship/job opportunities)..and I came across a PR company called Industry Publicity looking for help for two shows! I emailed the company and two days later went for a quick interview,...I then found out that I would be helping with the Iodice and Project runway shows! AHHHH! I was so excited to go to the tents and could not believe it,...I was even lucky enough to ask if my friend who was interning at Michael Kors if she could come as well, and she did!!

In a nut shell, I felt honored to go to the Iodice show,...we posted the seating chart on every chair, along with the gift bags, and helped guests find their seats...I even saw Tommy HilFiger's daughter! It was surreal watching the models walk down the runway

Marc by Marc

The last comment I received reminded me to put this picture up...these are some of the looks that were in the Marc by Marc show! Love them all!


More about MJ

I saw Marc himself my very first day of my internship...Yes, I couldn't believe my little eyes!

I was going down the elevator, excited to visit Dean & Deluca for some pasta... and as the elevator opens, I look up from texting (which is a miracle in itself) to see him and his blue hair. I froze for half a second and smiled and walked out the doors shaking! I began calling everyone in my cell to tell them the news that topped off my Friday :)....unfortunately that was the ONLY time I saw him but it will forever be imprinted in my mind.

I interned in the Sales dept. for the RTW Marc by Marc collection in the showroom in SoHo. I worked alot on inventory and changing line sheets, as well as going through boxes of merchandise which noone knew what it was, so I would have to go through sheets and sheets of paper trying to figure out the style number, season, etc.
One of the lengthy projects I had to do was cut out all of those white tags behind the label you see on garments,...which was not too fun especially when the clothing is being taken away from stylists, buyers, and employees. During market week, I had the responsibility of keeping all the garments in the correct deliveries (June, July, Denim, etc) on racks for buyers and also style the models if a buyer wanted one to try something on.

I was so upset when I found I could have gone to the Marc by Marc show! :-( It turned out it was on a day I was at Teen Vogue so they figured I wouldn't have been able to go! rrrrats!

However I didn't know at the time that I would soon be in the tents....


How can I work with this VIEW?

Can life really get any better?!...I was excited to get my own desk, but how can you miss the awesome view behind it? This is where I spent two months right next to our freelancer and the production manager and director...along with the art department a few steps away!
-So what exactly did I do on my days at TV? Various things. I performed art returns which is where I go through old layouts and take out the actual photographs we used for the issue to return back to the photographer then pitch the rest (some I got to keep as part of my internship school project)...it was great seeing editors notes on the layouts...cut out a leg here, smooth out shirt here...etc.
-I also ran around in heels doing the little tasks every intern is said to do,..making copies, running layouts to editors,...but no I did not go on a run to Starbucks (sorry to burst your bubble if you believed in all you saw in The Devil Wears Prada)
-What I really enjoyed is seeing the approved layouts and cutting and pasting them onto boards and laying them all out one by one for Anna to come down and take a look at the entire issue before it comes out! And yes it was like a dream to see Anna herself, although I wasn't one of the lucky few that has had the chance to speak to her ...yet :-(
-Another project I have done is useing the InDesign program... I would copy and paste layouts onto another document for archives,..since I am a computer nerd I had fun doing this even though it took me awhile to understand a Mac computer (yes, I am old fashion haha)

I am so happy I interned in the production department and hope to go back again someday :-)

Have any questions?,... just ask!

M A R C J A C O B S Anyone?

Now how did I land this internship?...I really don't know.
I knew I would only be at Teen Vogue part-time so I thought, why not do 2 internships? I honestly e-mailed prob. 10 different designers and the FIRST and only reply (except for Anna Sui) I got was Marc Jacobs :)
I again just stalked the website and e-mailed prac. the entire sales department and one person answered me. I actually could not go in for an interview but I was lucky enough that they decided to give me a chance anyway!...(Prob. due to mentioning I would be at TV as well)

Hello, Teen Vogue

Ohhh seeing those big red words coming out of the elevator was enough to make me turn around and pretend I was lost. After sitting in the lobby, palms sweating as I constantly wiped them on my Banana Republic wrap dress (yeah, not too fancy, huh) I started freaking myself out, thinking, what if he asks me about my fav. designers and I totally blank?!
Then one of the fashion closet interns came out and called my name. As I went inside, I was too nervous to even look around me even though I am sure it is everyone's dream to see behind those glass doors.
I had my interview in literally a closet with shoes and bags galore, ten interns in the same room and I sat on a stool. After discussing everything with James and having him take a Polaroid of me, I felt like I had really gotten the job...errr internship.
A week later I find out I didn't get it. I was so bummed because I had high hopes but then I figured chances were one in a million.
Then out of the blue, I check my e-mail and turns out James sent my resume to the Production Department! I had to meet with the Production Director and Manager a couple days later...I was nervous yet again but at the same time I almost seriously thought of not going in because I was so down on myself. But, I sucked it up and off I went to the 9th floor again of the Conde Nast building.
This time I went even more casual, just wearing a black Bebe dress and nine west flats!
I will admit I was disappointed I wasn't in the fashion closet and I thought, how fun could the production department be? Even the Production Director told me it was not the glamorous side...
However, when I found out I got the position I was ecstatic! And little did I know...I had a wonderful, fun experience ahead of me.

Welcome to NYC

The Hills. Yes, a dumb reality show forever changed my life,...well, and a little hard work. It was the epsiode we all know well, the interview Whitney had with Teen Vogue's Amy Astley. I sat there thinking, "Hey, I want to do that!" I didn't think lil ol me from Ohio State could possibly land an internship with no experience except folding undies at Victoria's Secret, but I thought to myself, what the hay, I'll email Amy anyway. (Yes, I went straight to the head-honcho) Next thing I had to do was find out her e-mail..and being the stalker type I am, it wasn't that hard. I seriously tried every variation of her name @teenvogue.com! haha. When I saw the bold Summer Internship response in my inbox I was scared to click "open," come to find she was very nice and said everything was filled. I decided to e-mail the fashion assistants anyway as well.
Then a month passed.
One day I was flipping through a magazine, looking at garments editors put together as outfits and tell you where to buy them, etc... and one caught my eye and I decided to randomly e-mail the designer for an internship instead of waiting around and crossing my fingers for Teen Vogue.
Sure enough, Miguelina's assistant e-mailed me back and I was out the next weekend for the interview. Yeah, I was just a taaaad nervous going to the most intimidating city and not knowing what to expect...also being 30 min late and having to use their bathroom didnt help either!
To cut to the chase, I loved my time at Miguelina...organizing the showroom, going to an ELLE photo shoot at Miguelina's apartment, running to Berdorf's to straighten the merchandise...it was all great and I would have been fine ending my fashion internship journey there...but then I got an e-mail from James Demolet from Teen Vogue.....