Before I knew if I could go to the Marc show, I decided I should try to go to at least ONE fashion show, since I thought this would be my last opportunity being in the city during fashion week. I started e-mailing designers asking if they needed any extra volunteers and did not receive any replies...

I frequently check the postings on the fashion.net site (for wonderful internship/job opportunities)..and I came across a PR company called Industry Publicity looking for help for two shows! I emailed the company and two days later went for a quick interview,...I then found out that I would be helping with the Iodice and Project runway shows! AHHHH! I was so excited to go to the tents and could not believe it,...I was even lucky enough to ask if my friend who was interning at Michael Kors if she could come as well, and she did!!

In a nut shell, I felt honored to go to the Iodice show,...we posted the seating chart on every chair, along with the gift bags, and helped guests find their seats...I even saw Tommy HilFiger's daughter! It was surreal watching the models walk down the runway

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Secretista said...

OMG! SO LUCKY! I love Christian. He's so cute and tiny in person<33