How can I work with this VIEW?

Can life really get any better?!...I was excited to get my own desk, but how can you miss the awesome view behind it? This is where I spent two months right next to our freelancer and the production manager and director...along with the art department a few steps away!
-So what exactly did I do on my days at TV? Various things. I performed art returns which is where I go through old layouts and take out the actual photographs we used for the issue to return back to the photographer then pitch the rest (some I got to keep as part of my internship school project)...it was great seeing editors notes on the layouts...cut out a leg here, smooth out shirt here...etc.
-I also ran around in heels doing the little tasks every intern is said to do,..making copies, running layouts to editors,...but no I did not go on a run to Starbucks (sorry to burst your bubble if you believed in all you saw in The Devil Wears Prada)
-What I really enjoyed is seeing the approved layouts and cutting and pasting them onto boards and laying them all out one by one for Anna to come down and take a look at the entire issue before it comes out! And yes it was like a dream to see Anna herself, although I wasn't one of the lucky few that has had the chance to speak to her ...yet :-(
-Another project I have done is useing the InDesign program... I would copy and paste layouts onto another document for archives,..since I am a computer nerd I had fun doing this even though it took me awhile to understand a Mac computer (yes, I am old fashion haha)

I am so happy I interned in the production department and hope to go back again someday :-)

Have any questions?,... just ask!


Ellen said...


I'm pretty much in the same position you were and have a few questions.
a) What's your major?
and b) What were the interview questions like?
I'm in the process of looking for an internship in fashion PR, and with no field-related experience, I'm pretty nervous!

Thanks so much!

Secretista said...

Where do you intern?

That view is distracting!! Is it because of the scenery or the billboard??? III think it's the billboard. Anderson Cooper is one hott older man with a really hott name!

Natalie said...

Congrats with your internships. Sounds great!
I live in Norway, so I'm going to seek for interns here, but I was wondering what did you mention in your emails? Anything points you think is important and essential?

Thanks in advance, and enjoy your interns!

fashionrocks said...

My major is Textiles & Clothing (fashion merchandising)...

The interview questions were pretty general...they asked about my past experience and if I was a reader of the magazine, etc. Nothing really hard.

In my emails I just expressed my love love for fashion and my major. :)