M A R C J A C O B S Anyone?

Now how did I land this internship?...I really don't know.
I knew I would only be at Teen Vogue part-time so I thought, why not do 2 internships? I honestly e-mailed prob. 10 different designers and the FIRST and only reply (except for Anna Sui) I got was Marc Jacobs :)
I again just stalked the website and e-mailed prac. the entire sales department and one person answered me. I actually could not go in for an interview but I was lucky enough that they decided to give me a chance anyway!...(Prob. due to mentioning I would be at TV as well)


yivon said...

Can I have the email address of those you contacted in Marc Jacobs?
I would love to be an intern too.
I hope you can help ;)

Anonymous said...

hey there!
i found your blog somewhere -- i forgot where exactly... you posted the link on a facebook group. anyway, i read your posts and that is awesome how you started e-mailing people and you kind of got your foot in the door. how is it interning at teen vogue? i should've done that when i was still in college. i have a full-time job now but it'd still be nice to intern for a designer... maybe as a freelancer... on the side... hehe. i look forward to more posts.


fashionrocks said...

Thanks for reading! Ill post tom. all about my time at Teen Vogue, I just had my last day about a week and a half ago :( But Ill be at Vogue in the summer!....
As for Marc Jacobs I don't think I should give out contact info but I honestly just emailed the sales team on the MJ website. Goodluck! :)