Hello, Teen Vogue

Ohhh seeing those big red words coming out of the elevator was enough to make me turn around and pretend I was lost. After sitting in the lobby, palms sweating as I constantly wiped them on my Banana Republic wrap dress (yeah, not too fancy, huh) I started freaking myself out, thinking, what if he asks me about my fav. designers and I totally blank?!
Then one of the fashion closet interns came out and called my name. As I went inside, I was too nervous to even look around me even though I am sure it is everyone's dream to see behind those glass doors.
I had my interview in literally a closet with shoes and bags galore, ten interns in the same room and I sat on a stool. After discussing everything with James and having him take a Polaroid of me, I felt like I had really gotten the job...errr internship.
A week later I find out I didn't get it. I was so bummed because I had high hopes but then I figured chances were one in a million.
Then out of the blue, I check my e-mail and turns out James sent my resume to the Production Department! I had to meet with the Production Director and Manager a couple days later...I was nervous yet again but at the same time I almost seriously thought of not going in because I was so down on myself. But, I sucked it up and off I went to the 9th floor again of the Conde Nast building.
This time I went even more casual, just wearing a black Bebe dress and nine west flats!
I will admit I was disappointed I wasn't in the fashion closet and I thought, how fun could the production department be? Even the Production Director told me it was not the glamorous side...
However, when I found out I got the position I was ecstatic! And little did I know...I had a wonderful, fun experience ahead of me.

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