Welcome to NYC

The Hills. Yes, a dumb reality show forever changed my life,...well, and a little hard work. It was the epsiode we all know well, the interview Whitney had with Teen Vogue's Amy Astley. I sat there thinking, "Hey, I want to do that!" I didn't think lil ol me from Ohio State could possibly land an internship with no experience except folding undies at Victoria's Secret, but I thought to myself, what the hay, I'll email Amy anyway. (Yes, I went straight to the head-honcho) Next thing I had to do was find out her e-mail..and being the stalker type I am, it wasn't that hard. I seriously tried every variation of her name @teenvogue.com! haha. When I saw the bold Summer Internship response in my inbox I was scared to click "open," come to find she was very nice and said everything was filled. I decided to e-mail the fashion assistants anyway as well.
Then a month passed.
One day I was flipping through a magazine, looking at garments editors put together as outfits and tell you where to buy them, etc... and one caught my eye and I decided to randomly e-mail the designer for an internship instead of waiting around and crossing my fingers for Teen Vogue.
Sure enough, Miguelina's assistant e-mailed me back and I was out the next weekend for the interview. Yeah, I was just a taaaad nervous going to the most intimidating city and not knowing what to expect...also being 30 min late and having to use their bathroom didnt help either!
To cut to the chase, I loved my time at Miguelina...organizing the showroom, going to an ELLE photo shoot at Miguelina's apartment, running to Berdorf's to straighten the merchandise...it was all great and I would have been fine ending my fashion internship journey there...but then I got an e-mail from James Demolet from Teen Vogue.....

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