Fashion week. I love those two words together. This season I helped IMG with sponsor seating, which means I got to see every.single.show. I have to say my favorite was Zac Posen, even the music was great..I am now obsessed with "Jungle Drum."
Don't ask me how, but I auditioned to be on a pilot for a TV show about Fashion Week interns from the creators of Project Runway, and I got it!
The first 3 days of fashion week I was followed around with cameras like I was on an episode of the Real World. My most embarrassing, "reality" moment was when I had to dress up as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz at the Saks event, running around trying to find Fern Mallis a drink, and knock over a waiter as glasses crash to the ground. I booked it past the waiter as my face became bright red. Let me mention Santino, Molly Sims, Nigel Barker, and others were there that saw my embarrassment. Ohhh, first impressions.

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